In this paper, we propose CCAWSN a Cognitive Communication Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks. Cognition in the context of sensor networks deals with the ability to be aware of the environment and end-user requirements and proactively adapt to them, thus benefiting the network as a whole. The network architecture, its cognitive components and interaction among them are the main focus and contribution of this work.

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Keywords Cognition, cognitive nodes, sensor networks
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Conference 2012 26th Queen's Biennial Symposium on Communications, QBSC 2012
Vijay, G. (Gayathri), & Ibnkahla, M. (2012). CCAWSN: A cognitive communication architecture for wireless sensor networks. In 2012 26th Biennial Symposium on Communications, QBSC 2012 (pp. 132–137). doi:10.1109/QBSC.2012.6221367