In this paper, we develop an enhanced pilot-based spectrum sensing algorithm for cognitive radio. Unlike conventional pilot-based detectors which merely detect the presence of pilot signals, the proposed detector also utilizes the presence of the signal that carries the actual information. We analytically compare the performance of the proposed detector with the conventional one, and we show that the detection performance is significantly improved.

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Keywords Cognitive radio, feature detection, performance analysis, pilot signals, spectrum sensing
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Conference 27th Biennial Symposium on Communications, QBSC 2014
Hattab, G. (Ghaith), & Ibnkahla, M. (2014). Enhanced pilot-based spectrum sensing algorithm. In 2014 27th Biennial Symposium on Communications, QBSC 2014 (pp. 57–60). doi:10.1109/QBSC.2014.6841184