We studied the extent and nature of fungal colonization of building materials in 58 naturally ventilated apartments that had suffered various kinds of water damage in relation to air sampling done before the physical inspections. The results of air samples from each apartment were compared by rank order of species with pooled data from outdoor air. Approximately 90% of the apartments that had significant amounts of fungi in wall cavities were identified by air sampling. There was no difference in the average fungal colony forming unit values per m3 between the 15 apartments with the most fungal contamination and the 15 with the least. In contrast, the prevalence of samples with fungal species significantly different than the pooled outdoor air between the more contaminated versus the less contaminated apartments was approximately 10-fold. We provide information on methods to document fungal contamination in buildings.

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Keywords Air sampling, Fungal sampling, Fungi, Indoor air, Water damage
Journal Indoor Air
Miller, JD. (2000). Air sampling results in relation to extent of fungal colonization of building materials in some water-damaged buildings. Indoor Air, 10(3), 146–151.