In this paper we propose a new technique for access control in an outdoor CDMA cell supporting multimedia traffic. The proposed scheme controls the flow of the traffic at both packet and call level. Delay scheduling at packet level is employed to minimize the variance of intra-cell interference while a call admission control based on a modified equivalent bandwidth technique exploits the minimized interference and reduces the call blocking probability. It is shown that the proposed scheme allows efficient integration of voice and low bit rate video in a CDMA cell with imperfect power control.
1998 IEEE International Conference on Communications: New Century Communications, ICC 1998 - Affiliated with SUPERCOMM 1998
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Larijani, P.R. (P. R.), Hafez, R, & Lambadaris, I. (1998). Two level access control strategy for multimedia CDMA. In International Conference on Communications - Proceedings (pp. 487–492). doi:10.1109/ICC.1998.682906