A museum is a complex system and bringing education and entertainment is often difficult. The social role of museums has changed dramatically in the last decade while communication and design rationales are still catching up. Museums no longer fit the early modernist model of the nineteenth century museum, with its authoritative narratives; many now offer interactive and open-ended experiences. Technology elevates interest, but it has to be used with care. Our Interactive Model for Museums (MOMU) aims to support complex cultural contents in museums using tools that favour learning and users' entertainment. We propose an architecture for edutainment content generation at museums where our main advances include: (1) affordable Interaction; (2) modelling tools and; (3) a content management system. First, we are focusing on enhancing our interaction technologies; our data structures and our modelling tools.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.6036/8058
Journal Dyna (Spain)
Navarro-Newball, A.A. (Andrés A.), Moreno-Sánchez, I. (Isidro), Arya, A, Prakash, E.C. (Edmond C.), Mike-Ifeta, E. (Efetobore), & Mena, J.D.M. (Juan D. Mejia). (2017). An interactive modelling architecture for education and entertainment at museums. Dyna (Spain), 92(3), 269–273. doi:10.6036/8058