The Modeling and Simulation (M&S) community has used Web service (WS) technologies to help with the increasing complexity of the applications. Although there are many Web APIs that could be useful for M&S applications, they are rarely used. One of the main reasons is that using M&S related WSs and open APIs makes it difficult to consider their integration for building complex M&S applications. Here we show how to simplify the development and integration process of such M&S applications by using a new architecture for web services Mashups, namely the Mashup Architecture for Modeling and Simulation (MAMS). MAMS is the first environment and architecture to integrate mashups and distributed simulation. MAMS provides means for a lightweight life cycle to develop, deploy, identify, select, integrate and execute varied M&S resources as services in the Cloud. We present different case studies showing the utility of the proposed architecture.

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Keywords Cloud-based simulation, Mashup, Modeling and simulation as a service, Web data integration, Web service composition
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Journal Journal of Computational Science
Wainer, G.A, & Wang, S. (Sixuan). (2017). MAMS: Mashup architecture with modeling and simulation as a service. Journal of Computational Science, 21, 113–131. doi:10.1016/j.jocs.2017.05.022