Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to identify and illustrate those factors that influence successful implementation of major strategic change drawing on the example of a joint venture between two small firms in the health technology sector. Design/methodology/approach: The methodological approach involves a selective review of the strategic change implementation literature in conjunction with personal reflections on the part of the lead author regarding his involvement in the development and first year of operations of this joint venture. Findings: The authors provide an illustration of the sorts of factors that influence major strategic change implementation from the literature integrated with the findings from the focal joint venture in developing a taxonomic framework and several propositions with accompanying managerial action points to help guide the development and management of a small joint venture as one example of major strategic change implementation. Originality/value: The paper provides managers with a framework that identifies the sorts of issues that need to be considered when implementing this type of major strategic change.

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Keywords Health services, Joint ventures, Strategic change, United Kingdom
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1108/17506120910989679
Journal International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing
Rod, M, Ashill, N. (Nicholas), & Saunders, S. (Sarena). (2009). Considering implementing major strategic change?: Lessons from joint venture in the UK health technology sector. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 3(3), 258–278. doi:10.1108/17506120910989679