Introduction to Legal Studies, 5e, is intended to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study of law and legal institutions for students in undergraduate university and college programs in legal studies.

Like its four predecessors, the fifth edition is structured to reflect the diversity of approaches and perspectives employed within Legal Studies.

The underlying theme of this collection of materials is that “law” cannot be understood simply as a set of formal rules, processes and institutions. Rather, law must be understood in its wider context, including the dynamic relations between “the written law”, legal processes, and the political, cultural, social and economic forces within society. Thus any study of law must engage its subject reflexively and critically, rather than accept without question legal rules, processes and institutions as natural, fixed or given. For this reason, most of the material in this collection engages in critical reflection on the purposes, effects and operation of law.

The text examines such topics as Canadian legal culture and institutions; theories of law; law-making processes; the personnel of law; dispute resolution; access to justice; citizenship and social belonging; crime, social order and the criminal justice system; law, economy and society; and the relationship between law and social transformation.

For courses:

Many of the articles raise complex, and sometimes difficult, arguments that students may initially find difficult to fully appreciate. They are included to challenge students both academically and conceptually, and to acquaint them with many new and enduring debates in the field. The articles will encourage students to read and think more broadly, and critically, not only about what law is, but about the fundamental ambiguity of its roles, functions and even limits, in a wide range of societies.

This book is usefully paired with a basic introductory text that outlines the pragmatic forms and structures of the Canadian legal system. (Publisher summary)

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Publisher Captus Press
ISBN 978-1-55322-334-4
Series Canadian Legal Studies Series
Tasson, S.J, Dickson-Gilmore, J, Kazmierski, V, Kuzmarov, B, & Malette, S. (2015). Introduction to Legal Studies. Canadian Legal Studies Series. Captus Press.

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