A timeline in Discrete-Event Simulation (DES) is a sequence of events defined in a numerable subset of ℝ+. Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation try to reproduce the behaviour of real-world experiments. Nevertheless, measuring the experimental data for science and engineering (which is later used for modeling and simulation) introduces the need for uncertainty quantifications. In modeling of Continuous Systems, numerous tools have been defined to propagate uncertainty from the input to the output results. Nonetheless, these tools cannot be applied to the study of propagation of uncertainty in DES. In a previous study, we presented a method for propagating uncertainty for subset of DES models. Here, we introduce a generalization of the previous method that can be used for simulating any DES model. The method defines a new Abstract Simulator for the Discrete-Events System Specification (DEVS). This new Simulator provides the propagation of uncertainty from input to resulting trajectories.

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Keywords DEVS, Metrology, Time, Uncertainty
Conference 2017 TMS/DEVS Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation, TMS/DEVS 2017, Part of the 2017 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference, SpringSim 2017
Vicino, D. (Damián), Wainer, G.A, & Dalle, O. (Olivier). (2017). An abstract discrete-event simulator considering input with uncertainty. In Simulation Series (pp. 192–203).