Gender Relations in Canada, second edition, examines the many ways gendered structures and identities are embraced, resisted, and challenged in Canada today. Written by two leading Canadian scholars, the text takes an intersectional approach that encourages students to look past perceived gender binaries to consider the complexities, diversity, and interconnected forms of inequality that shape gendered experiences. It begins with an overview of major shifts in sociological thinking about gender, paying particular attention to how ideas about gender have developed in the new millennium. The book then moves on to consider key issues that affect us throughout our lives, from developing gender identity in childhood, to our encounters with hegemonic gender and dynamics of power, to the role of gender in shaping family life, labour, citizenship, and activism. Students are encouraged to consider how current thinking about gender and intersectionality is relevant for sociological research and how recent ideas on gender inform possibilities for social change. Throughout, authors Janet Siltanen and Andrea Doucet adopt a student-friendly tone to ensure that complex themes are presented clearly while also incorporating examples from media, culture, and current events to show readers how concepts and theories manifest in the real world. This new edition has been fully updated to highlight the contributions of an intersectional lens to gender and to present recent debates and cutting-edge research in the field. Guaranteed to engage students, Gender Relations in Canada, second edition, is an exciting exploration of complex issues that affect us all--issues that shape our sense of the possibilities and limitations of who we are, how we live, and how we relate to each other

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Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 978-0-19-900693-9
Series Themes in Canadian sociology
Siltanen, J, & Doucet, A. (Andrea). (2017). Gender Relations in Canada. Themes in Canadian sociology. Oxford University Press.

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