Persons and Property in Private Law, 2e is an edited collection of cases and writings that presents the fundamental building blocks of private law: Who can be a legal person (capable of autonomous legal action and ownership)? What is legal property (as a bundle of rights and obligations)? This book brings together materials from the classic - Blackstone's Commentaries, showing the roots of private law in the organization of the common law; to the contemporary - Christopher Stone's pieces on tree's rights and Maude Barlow's plea for national water policy, illustrating the conflicts between human and nature over rights and obligations. Private Law covers a broad range of topics, affecting individuals, corporations, and greater society. The concepts of private property and legal personality change over time; Persons and Property in Private Law offers historical background that informs and provides context to contemporary issues, stimulating discussion and engagement. A class-tested, well-thought selection of materials, Persons and Property in Private Law is a stimulating learning resource, perfect as a primary text for courses on private law in legal studies and law and society programs, and an excellent secondary resource for university private law courses.

Additional Metadata
Publisher Captus Press
Editor T. B. Dawson (T. Brettel)
ISBN 978-1-55322-286-6
Series Canadian Legal Studies Series
Dawson, T. B (Ed.). (2013). Persons and Property in Private Law. (T. B Dawson, Ed.)Canadian Legal Studies Series. Captus Press.

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