Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State, and Constitution provides an introduction to Canadian public law, with special emphasis on the role of the courts. This volume focuses on the main aspects of the Canadian federal system and constitutional reform. It contains extracts from constitutional documents, cases, and articles, together with topic introductions, referenced background commentary, and a chapter-keyed bibliography. This volume retains the most important materials from Introduction to Public Law: Sourcebook, 7e, and adds new materials on developing subjects such as Supreme Court appointments, Senate Reform, Quebec Secession, and extracts from cases such as Canada (Prime Minister) v. Khadr and Reference re Securities Act. Both volumes are suitable for students in introductory public law or political science courses

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Publisher Captus Press
ISBN 978-1-55322-335-1
Series Canadian Legal Studies Series
Milanovic, N. E. (2015). Introduction to Public Law : Readings on the Law, State & Constitution. Canadian Legal Studies Series. Captus Press.

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