This article is a biography of Karlene Faith, one of Canada's leading feminist scholars/activists. It describes: her childhood; high school life; college years; early intellectual influences; how she came to criminology; her entrance into the academy; her important contributions to feminism, criminology, and criminal justice; her future plans; and her love of music. Thanks to Karlene Faith and other feminist academic activists, gender is now a major component of much of the criminological work being done in North America today, and many people became empowered due to her commitment, dedication, and effort.

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Keywords Criminal justice, Criminology, Feminism, Gender, Music, Social control
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Journal Women and Criminal Justice
DeKeseredy, W.S. (Walter S.). (2000). “Taking a position and staying grounded”: A biography of karlene faith. Women and Criminal Justice, 12(1), 7–21. doi:10.1300/J012v12n01_02