Fright Night (1985) is a nostalgic and self-reflexive vampire film, made at a moment when the vampire subgenre seemed increasingly irrelevant. It tries to rejuvenate the vampire film by adhering to its classical conventions and updating them for a new audience at the same time. The film reflects on its place within its genre, developing these themes mainly through the characters of Peter Vincent, the former "Great Vampire Killer" of the movies who is now facing professional obsolescence, and Jerry Dandridge, a vampire for whom neglect of the vampire as a menacing figure represents liberation.

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Keywords Horror, Nostalgia, Self-reflexivity, Vampires
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Journal Journal of Popular Film and Television
Leeder, M. (Murray). (2009). Forget peter vincent: Nostalgia, self-reflexivity, and the genre past in fright night. Journal of Popular Film and Television, 36(4), 190–199. doi:10.3200/JPFT.36.4.190-199