The development of simulation models for complex systems can be difficult and time consuming. This makes the ability to re-use modelling components of high value. To be able to re-use modeling components it is important to know the context within which a given component was developed. Experimental Frames are useful for capturing this context. We present the CD++ Repository - an internet based searchable database of re-usable CD++ DEVS models and their Experimental Frames. CD++ Repository facilitates the re-use of models and allows users in different geographical locations to collaborate in building complex models. The database is built as a hierarchy of the stored atomic and coupled models, thus eliminating repetition. One of the key features is that along with the storage of the atomic and coupled models, it stores Experimental Frames for each model, which allows users to easily determine the context for which a given model applies.

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Keywords CD++, DEVS, Experimental Frames, Model Libraries, Model Re-use
Conference 2009 Spring Simulation Multiconference, SpringSim 2009
Chreyh, R. (Rachid), & Wainer, G.A. (2009). CD++ Repository: An internet based searchable database of DEVS models and their experimental frames. In Spring Simulation Multiconference 2009 - Co-located with the 2009 SISO Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop.