When current dosimetry protocols were written, electron beam data were limited and had uncertainties that were unacceptable for reference dosimetry. Protocols for high‐energy reference dosimetry are currently being updated leading to considerable interest in accurate electron beam data. To this end, Monte Carlo simulations using the EGSnrc user‐code egs_chamber are performed to extract relevant data for reference beam dosimetry. Calculations of the absorbed dose to water and the absorbed dose to the gas in realistic ion chamber models are performed as a function of depth in water for cobalt‐60 and high‐energy electron beams between 4 and 22 MeV. These calculations are used to extract several of the parameters required for electron beam dosimetry — the beam quality specifier, R50, beam quality conversion factors, kQ and kR50, the electron quality conversion factor, k′R50, the photon‐electron conversion factor, kecal, and ion chamber perturbation factors, PQ. The method used has the advantage that many important parameters can be extracted as a function of depth instead of determination at only the reference depth as has typically been done. Results obtained here are in good agreement with measured and other calculated results. The photon‐electron conversion factors obtained for a Farmer‐type NE2571 and plane‐parallel PTW Roos, IBA NACP‐02 and Exradin A11 chambers are 0.903, 0.896, 0.894 and 0.906, respectively. These typically differ by less than 0.7% from the contentious TG‐51 values but have much smaller systematic uncertainties. These results are valuable for reference dosimetry of high‐energy electron beams.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1118/1.4740104
Journal Medical Physics
Muir, B., Rogers, D.W.O, & Mcewen, M. (2012). Sci—Thur PM: YIS — 07: Monte Carlo simulations to obtain several parameters required for electron beam dosimetry. Medical Physics, 39(7). doi:10.1118/1.4740104