This paper is dedicated to the study of the computational performance of basic and efficient pseudo-spectral methods (Braun et al. (1999), Grant (2006) , Mocken and Keitel (2004) , Mocken and Keitel (2008) ) and of a Quantum Lattice Boltzmann-like approach (Fillion-Gourdeau et al. (2012), Fillion-Gourdeau et al. (2014), Lorin and Bandrauk (2011), Salomonson and Öster (1989), Succi and Benzi (1993)) for solving the Time Dependent Dirac Equation (TDDE) modeling the interaction of classical electromagnetic fields with quantum relativistic particles.

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Keywords Dirac equation, High performance computing, Pseudo-spectral method, Wave equation
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Journal Computer Physics Communications
Antoine, X., & Lorin, E. (2017). Computational performance of simple and efficient sequential and parallel Dirac equation solvers. Computer Physics Communications. doi:10.1016/j.cpc.2017.07.001