This publication explores all of these aspects of library consolidation through commentary, research, and case studies written by librarians with experience navigating these events. Individual chapters address either the entire process of a consolidation or closure, multiple aspects of one or more experiences, or one aspect that is particularly important such as communicating with faculty or using data to make decisions about collections. Difficult Decisions: Closing And Merging Academic Libraries is a comprehensive resource for library administrators faced with making these decisions, librarians asked to assist with these challenging projects, and anyone working in a library undergoing a merger.

Difficult Decisions: Closing And Merging Academic Libraries is appropriate for all types of academic libraries as well as for schools of library and information science.

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ISBN 978-0-8389-8791-9
Holder, Sarah, & Lannon, A. (2012). Difficult Decisions: Closing and Merging Academic Libraries.

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