This paper extends conventional research on soil erosion and its effects on crop yields to assess the impact of soil erosion on long-term opportunities for regional food production. A framework to assess the implications of soil erosion on future food production prospects is developed and applied to a pilot study in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Initial findings suggest that soil erosion by itself would not have a substantial impact on the regional potential for food production, although erosion rates and yield responses to erosion would vary considerably throughout the region. The framework is offered as a means of integrating research on soil erosion and crop response with macroscale interest in socio-economic impacts and policy implications.

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Journal Geoforum
Smit, B. (Barry), Brklacich, M, McBride, R. (Ray), Yongyuan, Y. (Yin), & Bond, D. (Deborah). (1988). Assessing implications of soil erosion for future food production: a Canadian example. Geoforum, 19(2), 245–259. doi:10.1016/S0016-7185(88)80032-0