In this paper we draw on two case studies from a current research project investigating the impact of campus-community engagement (CCE) to examine how the fundamental functions for effective knowledge mobilisation were used. The K∗ spectrum provides a mapping framework for analysis. Both the types of CCE and the different relationships developed during engagement activities can be a key determinant of successful policy development. We conclude that engaging in this mapping process with participants can help build the relationships necessary to transform information into knowledge needed to address identified policy issues.

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Keywords Campus community engagement, K∗ spectrum, Knowledge mobilisation, Policy change
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Journal Evidence and Policy
Middleton, A.T. (Anne T.), & Whitmore, E. (2017). Information into knowledge: Navigating the complexity in the campus community engagement context. Evidence and Policy, 13(3), 455–476. doi:10.1332/174426416X14614935571225