Both the age (~ 1150 Ma) and the strike of the Abitibi dykes east of the Kapuskasing Structural Zone in the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield can be explained as a consequence of the Grenvillian orogeny in the adjacent Grenville Province. Modelling the Superior Province as an elastic-brittle plate acted on its southeastern boundary by tectonic stresses consequent upon the Grenvillian orogeny, we obtain families of maximum and minimum horizontal stress trajectories that match very well the orientation of the dykes.

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Journal Tectonophysics
Ranalli, G, & Ernst, R.E. (1986). The Abitibi dyke swarm: a consequence of Superior-Grenville interaction?. Tectonophysics, 121(2-4), 357–363. doi:10.1016/0040-1951(86)90056-9