We propose and demonstrate a 5-cm-long monolithic dual-wavelength single-longitudinal mode distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) all-phosphate fiber laser. Strong UV-induced fiber Bragg gratings are directly written in highly Er/Yb codoped phosphate fiber. The separation between gratings is selected as 1 cm to only excite two longitudinal modes in the DBR cavity. By exploiting the spatial hole burning effect and the polarization hole burning effect, stable narrow-linewidth dual-wavelength lasing emission with 38 pm wavelength spacing and a total emitted power of 2.8 mW is obtained from this DBR fiber laser. A microwave signal at 4.58 GHz is generated by the heterodyne detection of the dual-wavelength laser.

Applied Optics
Department of Electronics

Xiong, L, Hofmann, P. (Peter), Schülzgen, A. (Axel), Peyghambarian, N. (N.), & Albert, J. (2014). Short monolithic dual-wavelength single-longitudinal-mode DBR phosphate fiber laser. Applied Optics, (18), 3848–3853. doi:10.1364/AO.53.003848