With the advent of cloud computing based technologies, the way to store and manage data has changed completely. With more data being generated every day, especially with other associated paradigms like Internet of Things (IoT), there will be a lot of data to be stored and managed in the cloud. Thus, it will be very important to know which cloud service is more suitable for what kind of data and data-management tasks. To that end, this paper proposes and implements a cloud storage and collaboration tool called OmniBox. The first goal of Omnibox is to provide an evaluation of different cloud providers. The tool monitors different parameters and provides statistics such as upload throughput, download throughput, jitter, single-key and multi-key user accounts, and concurrent download time. The second goal of Omnibox is to provide a unified data management service where users can manage files from different cloud providers within a single interface. Additionally, OmniBox provides a feature called smart upload, where cloud providers are evaluated and suitable service is selected for uploading a file based on Quality of Service (QoS), file-type, file-size, upload throughput, download throughput, available space, jitter, and latency. Our current implementation includes Dropbox and Box Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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Keywords Box, cloud collaboration, cloud computing, cloud storage, Dropbox, OmniBox, SaaS
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/ICT.2017.7998278
Conference 24th International Conference on Telecommunications, ICT 2017
Dinh, H. (Huu), Dworkin, A. (Alexander), O'neill, C. (Christopher), Savage, S. (Scott), Leak, J. (Jimmy), Aazam, M. (Mohammad), & St-Hilaire, M. (2017). OmniBox: Efficient cloud storage by evaluating Dropbox and Box. In Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Telecommunications: Intelligence in Every Form, ICT 2017. doi:10.1109/ICT.2017.7998278