There is a need for further refinement of the complex relationship between diaspora communities, their transnational social networks and fragile states. Research clearly shows that many diaspora mobilise to support their causes, but this often creates unevenness in outcomes and inequalities in access to resource especially in fragile states settings. We argue that remittances address only part of the state fragility problematique and that there are other, equally important roles for diaspora beyond remittance flows. We develop this argument by first explaining why a broader definition of state fragility improves our understanding of the importance of different kinds of diaspora linkages between home and host state. We then identify additional factors that can contribute to a reduction of state fragility and evaluate these against six cases.

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Keywords development, Diaspora mobilization, fragile states
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Journal Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Carment, D, & Calleja, R. (Rachael). (2017). Diasporas and Fragile states – beyond remittances assessing the theoretical and policy linkages. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 1–19. doi:10.1080/1369183X.2017.1354157