Carleton at 75, Reflections + Photos, 1942 - 2017, is a gorgeous and engaging hardcover that fills a unique niche in the university's 75th anniversary celebrations. Rather than create an official institutional history of Carleton, the people behind the project - members of the 75th Anniversary Academic Events Planning Subcommittee (AEPSC) - decided on this elegant and intimate format. Each two-page spread is comprised of one large image, an anchor word or phrase (such as''Winter'' or ''Our Blues Brother''), and a written reflection that was either contributed by someone from the Carleton community or gleaned from the university's archives.

Additional Metadata
Publisher Carleton University
Editor Gorham, Deborah, Haines, Margaret, Gorham, Beth
Compiler P. Harper (Patti)
ISBN 978-0-9802055-1-0
Gorham, Deborah, Haines, Margaret, & Gorham, Beth (Eds.). (2017). Carleton at 75 - Reflections and Photos. (Gorham, Deborah, Haines, Margaret, & Gorham, Beth, Eds.). Carleton University.

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