Crossing strip junctions form an important discontinuity problem in differential signaling an pose a major challenge for signal integrity modeling throughout an analysis in high-speed designs. An analytical framework is proposed to characterize differential transmission lines including the effect of crossing strip junctions for broadband circuit analysis. A new analytical model is proposed to include the finite thickness in the existing models for characterization of asymmetric striplines. The proposed modular representation of the differential line segments with discontinuity effects allows for an entire high-speed transmission channel with crossing lines to be modeled in a cascaded fashion for efficient signal integrity analysis.

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Keywords Analytical models, Capacitance, Conductors, Coupled transmission lines, crossing junctions, crossing striplines, crossover signals, differential transmission lines, interconnect discontinuity, interconnects, Junctions, Stripline, striplines, Strips
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Journal IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility
Erdin, I. (Ihsan), & Achar, R. (2017). Modeling of Asymmetric Differential Striplines Including Crossing Junction Discontinuities. IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility. doi:10.1109/TEMC.2017.2726996