Single-longitudinal-mode operation of Er3+-P2O5-codoped silica planar waveguide lasers which are equipped with integrated Bragg grating reflectors is demonstrated, with a polarized output of 340 μW at 1546 nm. The gratings are photo-imprinted using 193 nm light exposure through a phase mask in GeO2-free optical waveguides that have been sensitized by H2 loading.
Electronics Letters
Department of Electronics

Kitagawa, T. (T.), Bilodeau, F. (F.), Malo, B. (B.), Theriault, S. (S.), Albert, J, Jihnson, D.C. (D. C.), … Hibino, Y. (Y.). (1994). Single-frequency Er3+-doped silica-based planar waveguide laser with integrated photo-imprinted Bragg reflectors. Electronics Letters, 30(16), 1311–1312. doi:10.1049/el:19940888