Quality simulation along river system (QUASAR) is a water quality and flow model for river networks. This paper presents the study on the determination of the physicochemical parameters of the water sample in the Uppanar River, Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, India at 3 different points from November 2009 to July 2010 and application of QUASAR software modeling. From the analysis of various physicochemical parameters that exceeded the permissible limits of the Indian Council for Medical and Research, the river was said to be moderately polluted. In this paper, the measured data of dissolved oxygen (DO), biological oxygen demand (BOD) and pH along the three sampling stations was used for QUASAR modelling. The average percentage error values obtained for station I, II, and III regarding DO were 3.49%, 2.38%, and 2.26%, for BOD 1.2%, 5.9%, and 1.98%, and for pH 2.57%, 2.41%, and 1.51%, respectively. It was observed that there is a one to one correlation among the simulated and observed values for DO, BOD, and pH values. From these results, it is concluded that the QUASAR model can reliably be used as a simulation model for analyzing the water quality parameters in the river.

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Keywords Biological oxygen demand, Dissolved oxygen, PH, Quality simulation along river system, Uppanar, Water quality parameter
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.4491/eer.2012.17.S1.S53
Journal Environmental Engineering Research
Mullai, P. (P.), Yogeswari, M.K. (M. K.), Oommen, J, Saravanakumar, K. (K.), & Kathiresan, K. (K.). (2012). Application of QUASAR Modelling in the uppanar river of Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu, India. Environmental Engineering Research, 17(S1), 53–56. doi:10.4491/eer.2012.17.S1.S53