One of the basic problems in computer science is that of organizing data in such a way that the cost of maintaining the data in an organized fashion and the cost of retrieving is minimized. The problem of organizing data so as to optimize its retrieval is considered here. A scheme is suggested in which the data is organized based on a synthesized query scheme. The user's query distribution is modified such that the data storage achieved is superior to that achieved according to the original distribution. The module which achieves this transformation is the Distribution Changing Technique (DCT) Filter. The theory of DCT in its mathematical generality is presented and various DCT filters are catalogued.

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Journal Computer Journal
Oommen, J, & Ng, D.T.H. (D. T H). (1994). New technique for enhancing linked-list data retrieval: reorganize data using artificially synthesized queries. Computer Journal, 37(7), 598–609.