Software-defined networking and in-network caching are promising technologies in next generation wireless networks. In this paper, we propose to enhance the QoE-aware wireless edge caching with bandwidth provisioning in software-defined wireless networks (SDWNs). Specifically, we design a novel mechanism to jointly provide proactive caching, bandwidth provisioning and adaptive video streaming. The caches are requested to retrieve data in advance dynamically according to the behaviors of users, the current traffic and the resource status. Then, we formulate a novel optimization problem regarding the QoE-aware bandwidth provisioning in SDWNs with jointly considering in-network caching strategy. The caching problem is decoupled from the bandwidth provisioning problem by deploying the dual-decomposition method. Additionally, we relax the binary variables to real numbers so that those two problems are formulated as a linear problem and a convex problem, respectively, which can be solved efficiently. Simulation results are presented to show that the latency is decreased and the utilization of caches is improved in the proposed scheme.

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Keywords Bandwidth, bandwidth provisioning, dual-decomposition, Interference, Mobile computing, quality of experience, Software defined wireless networks, Streaming media, wireless edge caching, Wireless networks
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Journal IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
Liang, C. (Chengchao), He, Y. (Ying), Yu, F.R, & Zhao, N. (Nan). (2017). Enhancing QoE-aware Wireless Edge Caching with Software-defined Wireless Networks. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. doi:10.1109/TWC.2017.2734081