Causality has been recently introduced in databases, to model, characterize, and possibly compute causes for query answers. Connections between QA-causality and consistency-based diagnosis and database repairs (wrt. integrity constraint violations) have already been established. In this work we establish precise connections between QA-causality and both abductive diagnosis and the view-update problem in databases, allowing us to obtain new algorithmic and complexity results for QA-causality. We also obtain new results on the complexity of view-conditioned causality, and investigate the notion of QA-causality in the presence of integrity constraints, obtaining complexity results from a connection with view-conditioned causality. The abduction connection under integrity constraints allows us to obtain algorithmic tools for QA-causality.

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Keywords Abductive diagnosis, Causality in databases, Delete propagation, Integrity constraints, View updates
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Journal International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
Bertossi, L, & Salimi, B. (Babak). (2017). Causes for query answers from databases: Datalog abduction, view-updates, and integrity constraints. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 90, 226–252. doi:10.1016/j.ijar.2017.07.010