We use a new variational principle to obtain a positive solution of (Formula Presented) in B1, with Neumann boundary conditions where B11 is the unit ball in ℝN, a in nonnegative, radial and increasing and p > 2. Note that for N ≥ 3 this includes supercritical values of p. We find critical points of the functional (formula present) over the set of {u Є H1 rad rad(B1): 0 ≤ u, u is increasing}, where q is the conjugate of p. We would like to emphasize the energy functional I is different from the standard Euler-Lagrange functional associated with the above equation, i.e. (Formula Presented) The novelty of using I instead of E is the hidden symmetry in I generated by 1/pƒB1 a(|x|)|u|p dx and its Fenchel dual. Additionally we are able to prove the existence of a positive nonconstant solution, in the case a(|x|) = 1, relatively easy and without needing to cut off the supercritical nonlinearity. Finally, we use this new approach to prove existence results for gradient systems with supercritical nonlinearities.

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Keywords Neumann boundary conditions, Supercritical, Variational principles
Journal Electronic Journal of Differential Equations
Cowan, C. (Craig), Momeni, A, & Salimi, L. (Leila). (2017). Existence of solutions to supercritical Neumann problems via a new variational principle. Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 2017.