This series of studies present the state-of-the-art for the solution of the transient stability constrained optimal power flow problem (TSC-OPF). Three different classes of solution techniques: dynamic optimisation-based, SIME method, and computational intelligence, are discussed in detail. Moreover, discussed are issues to consider while solving such problems, various application areas, and future directions in this research area. A comprehensive resource of the available literature, publicly available test systems, and relevant numerical libraries is also provided. This study presents the TSC-OPF formulation and discusses various dynamic optimisation-based approaches. Two optimisation techniques, full-space and reduced-space method, are presented for solving the resulting non-linear optimisation problem.

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Journal IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Abhyankar, S. (Shrirang), Geng, G. (Guangchao), Anitescu, M. (Mihai), Wang, X, & Dinavahi, V. (Venkata). (2017). Solution techniques for transient stability-constrained optimal power flow - Part I. IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution, 11(12), 3177–3185. doi:10.1049/iet-gtd.2017.0345