Most target grabbing problems have been dealt with by computer vision system, however, computer vision method is not always enough when it comes to the precision contact grabbing problems during the teleoperation process, and need to be combined with the stiffness display to provide more effective information to the operator on the remote side. Therefore, in this paper a more portable stiffness display device with a small volume and extended function is developed based on our previous work. A new static load calibration of the improved stiffness display device is performed to detect its accuracy, and the relationship between the stiffness and the position is given. An effective target grabbing strategy is presented to help operator on the remote side to judge and control and the target is classified by multi-class SVM (supporter vector machine). The teleoperation system is established to test and verify the feasibility. A special experiment is designed and the results demonstrate that the improved stiffness display device could greatly help operator on the remote side control the telerobot to grab target and the target grabbing strategy is effective.

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Keywords Multi-class SVM (supporter vector machine), stiffness display, target grabbing, teleoperation
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Journal IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica
Xiong, P. (Pengwen), Zhu, X. (Xiaodong), Song, A. (Aiguo), Hu, L. (Lingyan), Liu, P, & Feng, L. (Lihang). (2017). A target grabbing strategy for telerobot based on improved stiffness display device. IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica, 4(4), 661–667. doi:10.1109/JAS.2016.7510256