Rotating composite beams and blades have a wide range of applications in various engineering structures such as wind turbines, industrial fans, and steam turbines. Therefore, proper understanding of such structures is of a great importance. As a result, the behavior of rotating composite beam structures has received a lot of attention. This paper presents a comprehensive review of scholarly articles about rotating composite beams as published in the past decades. The review addresses analytical, semi-analytical and numerical studies dealing with dynamical problems involving adaptive/smart/intelligent materials (e.g. piezoelectric materials, electrorheological fluids, shape memory alloys, etc.), damping and vibration control, advanced composite materials (e.g. functionally graded materials and nanocomposites), complicating effects and loadings (e.g. added mass, tapered beams, initial curve and twist, etc.), and experimental methods. Moreover, the influence of Vlasov or restrained warping, out-of-plane warping, transverse shear, arbitrary cross-sectional geometry, trapeze phenomena, swept tip, size-dependent effect, as well as other areas that have been considered in research, are reviewed in depth. The review concludes with a presentation of the remaining challenges and future research needs.

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Keywords Composite rotor blades, Control, Dynamics, Review, Rotating thin-walled beams, Vibration
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Journal Thin-Walled Structures
Rafiee, M. (M.), Nitzsche, F, & Labrosse, M. (M.). (2017). Dynamics, vibration and control of rotating composite beams and blades: A critical review. Thin-Walled Structures (Vol. 119, pp. 795–819). doi:10.1016/j.tws.2017.06.018