This article examines one aspect of Canada's early cultural diplomacy. During the late 1940s, the Department of External Affairs frequently received requests for Canadian books from foreign libraries. At the same time, many officials were eager to promote Canadian culture abroad. The Annual Book Presentation Programme was inaugurated with the intention of creating "repositories of Canadiana" which might stimulate interest in Canada among foreign readers. Although the budget for the program was always modest, over the years the department's book gifts did fulfill their aim, creating a basis for the later growth of Canadian studies in universities abroad.

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Keywords book presentations, Canada, Canadian studies abroad, cultural diplomacy, cultural nationalism, Department of External Affairs, libraries
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Journal American Review of Canadian Studies
Cavell, J. (2009). Canadiana abroad: The Department of External Affairs' Book Presentation Programmes, 1949-1963. American Review of Canadian Studies, 39(2), 81–93. doi:10.1080/02722010902848110