This paper uses data collected in 1999 and 2001 from over 20,000 employees and 6,300 workplaces by Statistics Canada and HRDC as part of their Workplace and Employee Survey (WES) to provide quality estimates of the number of teleworkers in Canada at the turn of the millennium. Characteristics of companies who offer telework arrangements and the employees who use them are also explored. These data will allow Canadian companies to benchmark their use of telework arrangements to national and international data. Such information is critical to both public and private sector employers, as abundant evidence exists to suggest that organizations that support the use of telework and other alternate work arrangements will be more able to attract and retain knowledge workers.

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Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
Sprott School of Business

Schweitzer, L, & Duxbury, L. (2006). Benchmarking the use of telework arrangements in Canada. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 23(2), 105–117.