In the battle for high-value talent, managers need to think like marketers, creating job offerings and employment relationships that provide mutual value for firms and their employees. This article provides a 3-stage framework for the application of marketing techniques to the recruitment and retention of high-value employees. In the first stage, the 4Ps of the marketing mix are used to create compelling job offerings that attract high-value employees. In the second stage, firms use relationship marketing concepts to build long-lasting employment relationships that create mutual value for the firm and its employees. The third stage involves the outcomes of high-value employment relationships, which include greater employee commitment and satisfaction, which then lead to greater employee advocacy of the firm and lower levels of employee turnover. The ultimate proposed outcomes of this approach are increased performance and stability of the firm.

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Keywords Marketing, Recruitment, Strategic human resource management
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Journal Business Horizons
Schweitzer, L, & Lyons, S. (Sean). (2008). The market within: A marketing approach to creating and developing high-value employment relationships. Business Horizons, 51(6), 555–565. doi:10.1016/j.bushor.2008.03.004