Shifting demographics around the world have created a unique historical phenomenon in which a large cohort of employees (i.e., post-war Baby Boomers) are nearing retirement, and a new cadre of younger workers are being recruited to replace them. These twenty-something year-olds, often referred to as 'Gen Y' or Millennials, represent the workforce of the future and come with their own set of expectations, demands, and work habits. The contributors to this volume documents the cultural, historical, and social context that has created a Millennial cohort within their countries. This timely book provides an understanding of the new workforce in multiple countries and settings, as employers seek to understand the values, beliefs, and expectations of the next generation of workers. The international perspective makes it possible to examine cross-cultural similarities and differences in HRM practices, with implications for domestic and multinational employers, managers, HR practitioners, and career counselors.

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Ng, E.S. (Eddy), Lyons, S.T. (Sean), & Schweitzer, L. (2012). Managing the new workforce: International perspectives on the millennial generation. Managing the New Workforce: International Perspectives on the Millennial Generation. doi:10.4337/9780857933010