Today, BRICS - a five nation active group - represents an emerging power that aims to increase its economic integration in response to new global challenges. While many companies in the BRICS group are opening up new geographical industry clusters, changing their IT landscape, and contributing to global climate change concerns, others are not fully prepared, or ready, to do so. This study explores the applicability of mutually beneficial cloud-based green supply chain system among BRICS nations to help achieve development targets while mitigating the environmental impacts associated with rapid development and industrialisation. Data on the BRICS countries trade potential and patterns is reviewed to get a sense of the movement of goods and services between the BRICS nations. Although regulatory barriers and inter-country coordination pose significant challenges for meeting the promise of BRICS trade cooperation, the adoption of new cloud-based IT technologies, new innovations and new thinking remains an important enabling driver of green supply chain management and needs to be explored.

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Keywords BRICS, Cloud-based system, Green supply chain system, IT technologies
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Journal International Journal of Information Technology and Management
Koul, S. (Saroj), Perikamana, H.N. (Hari Narayan), Kumar, U, & Kumar, V. (2017). Enhancing BRICS integration: A cloud-based green supply chain concept. International Journal of Information Technology and Management, 16(4), 317–332. doi:10.1504/IJITM.2017.086862