Since 1996, participatory GIS (PGIS) has facilitated avenues through which public participation can occur. One of the ways practitioners articulate social change associated with PGIS interventions has been to qualify success using the term ‘empowerment’. This paper explores the extent to which PGIS academic literature has utilised, defined, measured, and analysed empowerment. This research will demonstrate the degree to which PGIS has, from 1996 to 2014, appropriately and adequately taken into account the causative and direct relationship between a PGIS intervention and empowerment. This article identifies works broadly dealing with PGIS, then searches within that subset of literature for the term ‘empowerment.’ The findings are both quantitatively and qualitatively assessed to explore the trends within the PGIS literature over time and to contextualise the ways in which empowerment has been identified, understood, and articulated. We conclude with a discussion on the extent to which future PGIS research and practice has the ability to disrupt power inequalities.

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Keywords empowerment, GIScience, participatory GIS (PGIS), PGIS, public participation GIS (PPGIS)
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Journal Cartographic Journal
Corbett, J. (Jon), Cochrane, L, & Gill, M. (Mark). (2016). Powering Up: Revisiting Participatory GIS and Empowerment. Cartographic Journal, 53(4), 335–340. doi:10.1080/00087041.2016.1209624