A few years ago, Konopsky showed that a one dimensional photonic crystal structure can be used on one side of a thin metal layer to mimic the optical properties of the material on the other side. Inspired by this approach and motivated by using LRSPP waveguides for biosensing, we propose and realized a thin metal stripe on a truncated SiO2/Ta2O5 multilayer stack to support a fully guided LRSPPs. These results further the attraction of metal stripe waveguides and LRSPPs for biosensing applications and more in general for LRSPP integrated optics.

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Keywords channeled, photonic crystals, surface plasmons, waveguides
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/ICTON.2017.8024773
Conference 19th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, ICTON 2017
Fong, N. (N.), Menotti, M. (M.), Lisicka-Skrzek, E. (E.), Northfield, H. (H.), Olivieri, A. (A.), Tait, R, … Berini, P. (P.). (2017). Guided bloch long-range surface plasmon polaritons. In International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks. doi:10.1109/ICTON.2017.8024773