Surface deformation or rutting is one of the most serious distresses affecting runway safety. Rutting can restrict the use of runway pavements and cause serious safety problems when it exceeds certain limits. Shear properties of asphalt concrete mixes are the most important factor in determining rutting performance of asphalt mixes. The main objective of this paper is to examine the relationships that may exist between shear properties of airfield mixes evaluated using different test methods. Three different asphalt mixes were obtained from the field during the construction of two taxiways at Ottawa International Airport. The experimental investigation included the evaluation of shear properties of the selected airfield mixes using three different test methods; torque machine, triaxial test, and direct shear test. The shear properties were also evaluated under different temperatures. The results were analyzed and used to develop statistical-based models to predict shear properties of asphalt mixes to predict confidently the shear properties of asphalt mixes using any available shear test facility.

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Conference Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering 2010, CSCE 2010
El-Desouky, A. (A.), Halim, A.O, & Easa, S. (S.). (2010). Statistical models for shear properties of airfield asphalt mixes using different test methods. In Proceedings, Annual Conference - Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (pp. 1569–1577).