The extreme environmental conditions in Canada require the use of asphalt cement that can provide a high resistance to low-temperature cracking during the winter season and a high resistance to rutting due to the elevated temperatures in the summer. Earlier studies showed that such desired improvements in the quality of asphalt cement could be achieved using polymer-modified asphalt (PMA) cement. This paper presents a three-phase experimental program that was carried out to evaluate the expected performance of asphalt concrete mixtures with PMA compared to asphalt concrete mixtures with conventional and air-oxidized asphalt binders. The results of this study show that PMA in asphalt concrete mixes would significantly improve the resistance to cracking (loading and low-temperature).

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Keywords Air-oxidized asphalt, Asphalt mixtures, Conventional asphalt cement, Polymer-modified asphalt, Testing
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Journal Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
Kandil, K. (K.), Halim, A.O, Hassan, Y, & Mostafa, A. (A.). (2007). Investigation of the effects of different polymer-modified asphalt cements on asphalt mixes at low temperature. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 34(5), 589–597. doi:10.1139/L06-152