The present study examined the effect of two neurogenic stressors (air puff and restraint) and a metabolic stressor (lipopolysaccharide; LPS 100 μg/kg, i.p.) on accumbal serotonergic neurotransmission in the olfactory bulbectomized (OB) rat model of depression. Both air puff and restraint stress caused greater increases in accumbal 5-HIAA in OB than in sham- operated rats. In contrast, bulbectomy resulted in a blunted serotonergic response to a challenge with LPS (a metabolic stressor). In addition, OB rats displayed significantly lower basal levels of 5-HIAA than sham-operated counterparts, a finding consistent with previous reports of the OB rat being a model of hyposerotonergic depression. The relevance of these findings to stressor provoked depressive-like behaviors in the OB rat are discussed.

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Keywords Animal model, Depression, Nucleus accumbens, OB rat, Olfactory bulbectomy, Serotonin, Stress
Journal NeuroReport
Connor, T.J. (Thomas J.), Song, C. (Cai), Leonard, B.E. (Brian E.), Anisman, H, & Merali, Z. (Zul). (1999). Stressor-induced alterations in serotonergic activity in an animal model of depression. NeuroReport, 10(3), 523–528.