Signalized intersections in Abu Dhabi experience high accident occurrence. To improve highway safety in Abu Dhabi (UAE) this research, therefore provides a detailed signalized intersection safety evaluation algorithm. The algorithm utilizes the use of expert's opinions and it employs artificial intelligence techniques (AI) to estimate safety index (SI) for signalized intersections. Using accident data the algorithm is calibrated and the correlation between the algorithm results (Safety Index) and accident rates in some selected signalized intersections is performed. This research explains in detail the developed framework.

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Conference Canadian Society for Civil Engineering - 30th Annual Conference: 2002 Chellenges Ahead
Al-Harthei, H. (Hussain), Garib, A.M. (Atef M.), & Halim, A.O. (2002). Framework for developing a safety evaluation algorithm for signalized intersections in Abu Dhabi (UAE) using artificial intelligence. In Proceedings, Annual Conference - Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (pp. 2863–2872).