The (maximum receiver-centric) interference of a geometric graph (von Rickenbach et al. 2005 ) is studied. It is shown that, with high probability, the following results hold for a set, V, of n points independently and uniformly distributed in the unit d-cube, for constant dimension d: (1) there exists a connected graph with vertex set V that has interference O((log n)1/3); (2) no connected graph with vertex set V has interference o((log n)1/4); and (3) the minimum spanning tree of V has interference Θ((log n)1/2).

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Keywords Interference, Unit disk graph, Wireless network
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Journal Computational Geometry
Devroye, L. (L.), & Morin, P. (2017). A note on interference in random networks. Computational Geometry. doi:10.1016/j.comgeo.2017.10.006