Despite rapidly falling costs, financing remains a serious barrier to the diffusion of distributed solar photovoltaics (PV) in Canada, a promising low-carbon electricity generation technology. We assess the potential of one financing program model, Property Assessed Payments for Energy Retrofits (PAPER), for the deployment of PV. This program design leverages Local Improvement Charges as a mechanism for financing energy investments, whereby annual income or cost-savings typically outweigh annual loan payments. We find there is significant potential for these programs to facilitate the deployment of PV in Canada. We conclude with recommendations linked to 6 possible objectives for PV-inclusive PAPER programs.

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Keywords Local improvement charges, Property Assessed Payments for Energy Retrofits, Solar PV
Journal Energy Studies Review
Berton, H. (Harris), Rosenbloom, D. (Daniel), Temby, O. (Owen), & Meadowcroft, J. (2015). Using local improvement charges to finance solar photovoltaic systems in Canada. Energy Studies Review, 22, 95–110.