The ITU Space WARC in 1985 and 1988 was charged with re-evaluating the “first come first serve” premises of the international satellite regulatory regime and developing measures consistent with the principles of “guaranteed” and” equitable” access. This article situates the conference in its historical context, discusses the achievement of a minimalist version of “guaranteed access” through the adoption of the allotment plan, but finds the regulatory framework deficient in that: (a) the status quo prevailed in the majority of the radio spectrum, (b) the presence of “existing systems” in the allotment plan imposed severe constraints, and (c) proportional burden sharing mechanisms were lacking.

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Winseck, D, & Cuthbert, M. (Marlene). (1991). Space WARC: A new regulatory environment for communication satellites?. Gazette, 47(3), 195–203. doi:10.1177/001654929104700304