The early efforts of CBC Radio to promote Canadian literature through programs such as Canadian Short Stories and its successor, Anthology, gave rise to various issues related to media integrity, including the selection of content, the use of language, and the format of presentation. Even before Robert Weaver retired in 1985, the approach he developed in the 1950s gave way to a different philosophy of literary arts programming, one focusing less on the needs of CanLit and more on the contingencies of radio. As in other cases of textual migration across media, the ontological requirements of the destination medium eventually took precedence. The process by which this shift occurred is examined using the relatively unexplored papers of Weaver and Howard Engel and other documents.

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Keywords CBC, Literary arts programming
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Journal Canadian Journal of Communication
Eaman, R. (2015). “The Story Is Only the Platter On Which the Personality Is Served”: The Debate Over Media Integrity on CBC Radio’s Literary Arts Programming, 1948–1985. Canadian Journal of Communication, 40(3). doi:10.22230/cjc.2015v40n3a2816